Acting work-wise, you can currently find me on a couple of pharmaceutical websites in some print ads and an instructional video. For legal reasons, I cannot name the products, and hopefully you have no reason to need any of the drugs for ailments such as meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis or Alzheimers, so you'll just have to imagine me as a smiling nurse, a helpful RA patient named Pam, and a loving daughter.

I am currently working on two different staged readings that will perform this month. I am loving them both. One is a zany play that will be read in a fun and casual workshop in the Dixon Place LoungeTuesday (8/11) at 7:30. $10 Suggested donation. Bingo before the show. Winner gets a free drink! The play is titled and aggressively asks the question, ARE YOU READY TO GET PAMPERED!? Directed by Andy Scott and written by Catherine Weingarten, the play is based on her own experience at a repressively-traditional (or traditionally-repressive?) summer camp for girls. I play the camp director. It's written in good trashy fun, and might even leave you asking questions about what it means to be a role model for young women.


The other staged reading is of a hauntingly beautiful and disturbing musical in development. It will be presented later this month, and I am so excited to be a part of its journey. More info to come.