Margaret plays Professor Rosenstern in The Republic Theatre Company's production of Antony Raymond's ELSINORE COUNTY (THE EC) Murder, Greed, Sex, Scandal, and Horatio…

The rich and dismal Elsinore County is the setting for this year's funniest new comedy that was once a tragedy. Our fraught hero, Hamlet, returns to the EC in hopes to answer the questions that have been troubling his laden mind. Loaded with edge, teen-drama, and a splash of rock and roll, this time he may finally get to "do" Ophelia.
You'll laugh in spite of your better (or even worst) judgement at Elsinore County (The EC), a twisted what-if-Shakespeare-wrote-for-network-TV taken much too far.

This production is TOTALLY ADULTS-ONLY!


Fridays: 12/8 @ 7 PM (Opening Night), and then 12/15 & 12/22 @ 10 PM

Saturdays: 12/9, 12/16 @ 10 PM
Thursday: 12/21 @ 10 PM
At: The Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce St. (Bewteen Bedford and Hudson)